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Like all of our website designs, we explored two visual directions in the branding research phase. The version we settled with uses a color combination of blue & green (classic) and soft, comforting colors to match the gentle approach the client wanted to take. The addition of the circles, curved shapes and outlined icons tie the website together in a friendly manner.

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Though this website provides great resources from helpful videos to blogs and articles, e-commerce was also included. We integrated WooCommerce to provide a hub to manage and track sales. Users can add 30+ items to their cart and customize their payment methods and group sizes. Each service follows a similar layout but includes differences in photography and graphics to stand out as its own unique offering, which it very much is.

fgth - ecommerce
fgth - ecommerce
fgth - ecommerce
fgth - ecommerce
fgth - ecommerce




As a pretty text heavy site, the FGTH team wanted to be able to edit any part of the site’s content. From e-commerce prices, language, blog posts, we leveraged a CMS and its abundant array of tools to achieve this. And we did it while mitigating the bloat!

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