Amparo Art

Project Focus

Logo Design, Art Direction, E-Commerce, Gallery, API


Completed November, 2021

Connecting art lovers with curated selections and virtual tools

Our Objective

Amparo is a platform for fine artists to display their original paintings in virtually customizable residential and commercial spaces. Working with the start-up in its early stages, Duo helped establish the brand foundation by creating the brand identity, design architecture and digital presence from the ground up.

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Helping a new commerce brand find its place in the art industry


Building a Brand

Starting from a completely blank slate, we created a brand identity that honors the timelessness of the art world, while staying true to our client’s innovative vision. Inspired by the sophistication in fine art, we wove traditional brand elements, i.e. soft corners and a serif typeface, in with the modern design characteristics, i.e. a bright color palette and abstract patterns.


Fusing fine art and technology

Custom E-Commerce Design and Development

From private collectors to local artists and businesses, Amparo wanted to speak to all audiences in the art world. Keeping this in mind, we crafted the website that identifies and provides a clear user journey for each visitor group. We also created a dynamic landing page to promote the website before launch.


Redefining the art buying experience, digitally

The Buying Journey

To capture the attention of the art-buyer, we crafted a gallery-like site that encourages art exploration before purchase. The online marketplace features a hyper-personalized shopping experience, including virtually customizable residential and commercial spaces and a detailed filter UI which supports searching products via medium, style, subject, price and more. To ensure a smooth and intuitive checkout process, we integrated ARTA’s robust API system.

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