Lumina Studio Theatre

Project Focus

E-Commerce, Revamp, Gallery, Calendar


Completed Winter, 2021

Thoughtful productions that allow for young actors to shine

Our Objective

Lumina Theatre is a non-profit organization that produces impactful and uplifting playwrights. Working closely with Lumina, we reimagined the organization’s digital brand, optimizing the e-commerce journey for multiple purposes and refreshing the online identity to effectively convey their unique story.

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“At each stage they brought us exciting options that felt like a perfect reflection of our organization. They really seemed to care about the uniqueness of our company and the service we provide as a nonprofit.”

Meg Lebow & Sophie Cameron

Co-Executive Director


Conveying the essence of Lumina

Digital Brand Revamp

We aimed to capture Lumina’s charming and whimsical essence through their website and identity. To reinforce Lumina’s unique brand personality, we introduced a rosy color palette, playful serifs, and radial gradients. The website features an interactive timeline, a marquee show gallery, and informative policy pages, ensuring an engaging experience for the user no matter where they are on the site.

lumina-mockup lumina-mockup lumina-mockup
lumina-image lumina-image

Introducing a multi-purpose E-Commerce experience

All-in-one E-Commerce

In close collaboration with Lumina's executive directors, we created a seamless e-commerce experience showcasing the diversity of their theatre programs, from Shakespearean classics to modern playwrights. Our primary goal was to ensure effortless navigation for the user, prioritizing seamless ticket purchases, donations, and registration sign-ups.

lumina-mockup lumina-mockup lumina-mockup

Building a custom asset library


Tailor-Made Icon Set

We aimed to establish a unique set of icons that align with Lumina’s new brand identity, ensuring visual consistency across all communication channels. The custom icon library features abstract representations of various concepts, including floating chairs to depict seating policies and boxed brains to symbolize scholarships.

lumina-mockup lumina-mockup