Made Good

Project Focus

Brand Strategy, Messaging, Interactive, Portfolio


Website, Strategy


Completed Spring, 2023

Exploring new digital horizons with authentically crafted media

Our Objective

Made Good is a digital production agency that makes thoughtfully creative and evergreen digital content for esteemed clients such as Stubhub and FanDuel. Partnering closely with Made Good, we revamped their website with an all-encompassing strategy that aligns their brand messaging with their motion-filled visuals.

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Driving forward company culture through brand messaging

Culture-first storytelling

Our objective was to create brand messaging that parallels the aura of Made Good’s digital content and company culture. Through a strategically crafted messaging framework, we defined our client’s personality, values, and mission, authentically portraying the driving force behind their company.

madegood-mockup madegood-mockup madegood-mockup
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A motion-infused digital portfolio

Interactive Website Design and Development

We crafted an interactive website that reflects the motion and energy of Made Good’s creations. By integrating innovative website components including marquee text, vertically scrolling image galleries, and unconventional cursors, we maintained a cohesive theme of fluidity throughout each interaction.

madegood-mockup madegood-mockup madegood-mockup